Memory Clinic (Clinic Cuimhne)

Welcome to the Memory Clinic at Mercer’s Institute for Successful Ageing.

The Memory Clinic is a specialised service for people with memory loss, changes in cognitive function and dementia. Diagnosis and treatments are provided for those concerned about changes in their memory and memory disorders, including dementia.

Led by Professor Brian Lawlor, the Memory Clinic draws upon a range of specialist skills and is run collaboratively between professionals from the Department of Medicine for the Elderly and Psychiatry of Later Life. The Memory Clinic team is trained to diagnose memory problems and to provide people who are concerned about cognitive and memory problems with a diagnosis, information, treatment (when necessary) and advice.

The Memory Clinic provides information, advice and practical support about living with dementia for patients, carers and family members. The Social Work Service plays an active part in the multi-disciplinary team at the Memory Clinic.

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