Inpatients Services (Seirbhísí Othar Inmheánach)

Welcome to Inpatients Services at Mercer’s Institute for Successful Ageing.

In-patient clinical care for the older patient at St. James’s Hospital is provided by the Department of Medicine for the Elderly (Med El).  Our aim is to provide optimum patient care, which is facilitated though a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach of integrated programmes specifically designed to meet the needs of the older person.

Our care pathways emphasise quality and dignity of care while aiming to minimise medical complications.  Our multidisciplinary teams collaborate across admissions, acute assessment, rehabilitation and continuing care, offering specialist geriatric services in five wards and ensuring the unique and often complex needs of the older person are managed to deliver the best outcomes possible.

In-patient clinical services include acute care, rehabilitation and residential care.  The Medicine for the Elderly Directorate is the administrative and organisational structure of Medicine for the Elderly at St. James’s Hospital.