Biomedical Engineering Lab (Fisic Leighis & Bithinnealtóireacht)

**New: The Biomedical Engineering Lab at MISA has recently begun COVID-19 Technology Assessment Reviews. Please click here for more details**.

The Biomedical Engineering lab at MISA provides a space for engineering concepts and skills to be applied to clinical and research problems in medicine, with a particular focus on older age. The lab is hosted by Mercer’s Institute for Research on Ageing (MIRA) and the Dept. of Medical Physics and Bioengineering (MPBE) at St. James’s Hospital.

The unique attributes of the lab are its integration with and physical proximity to the working life of a large acute hospital. This allows engineering and medicine to work together close to the point of care. In this way, medical and engineering effort can be combined and focused on identifying and solving problems that are of real concern to patients and clinicians.

The Biomedical Engineering lab hosts hospital personnel and visiting postdoctoral, postgraduate and undergraduate students working on clinical projects with a technological or engineering science component. The MISA lab is equipped to support electronic prototyping, software development, data analytics, optics development, system modelling and 3D printing.